At Caliber Trust we understand how difficult it is to find reliable off market investment properties . This is why we alway offer our property exclusively to our investor mailing list weeks before we market them anywhere else.

Offer made easy, we know investors work all hours to find deals. That why we can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our dedicated call center handles calls in either english or spanish. With integrated system this allow us to alway reach back out to our investors and give them the latest news on the property they are interested in.

Its alway been said that time is money, and we don’t plan on wasting either which is why closing are done at your conveniences. As a one stop shop we offer our investors closing services through Omni Title.  Rain or Shine, Onsite or remote we got you covered. Our dedicated closing team will keep you informed every step of the way, with automated email and text message updates you will know what step of closing you are on.

Just getting started on your Real Estate Investing Journey? Let us do the heavy lifting. Our analytic team will provide you with updated information on the latest market trends, opportunity zones, market research data, comparables and more. All at no cost to our investors.

The decade old saying continues to be correct: Location is King, when it comes to real estate. That is why at Caliber Trust our team of analysis and acquisition team work endlessly to discover and acquire property in trending markets. No detail is too small when considering your next investment property.

When it comes to investment property one big factor that constantly comes into play is Title, with a team of paralegals and attorneys we ensure properties are free of liens and encumbrances. With Caliber Trust enjoy the satisfaction that your next investment property will have a clear and clean title that is marketable the moment your receives the keys.

With personalized investor relations, open communication and the best prices on investment property in Florida, it’s no wonder our investor LOVE Caliber Trust. But don’t take our word for it, call today and learn why 90% of our investor exclusively buy investment property from Caliber Trust.

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