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Welcome to Caliber Trust, the epitome of real estate assistance and your trusted ally in overcoming financial challenges. With our extensive experience since 2016, we have assisted countless families in Florida during their toughest moments of potentially losing their homes. Our mission is to deliver practical solutions, tailored to your unique situation, ensuring you keep your cherished home or sell it at a fair price. Backed by a team of skilled professionals and a deep understanding of the market, we offer a range of options, including assumption of debts and lump-sum cash payments for deed transfers. At Caliber Trust, we treat every family with compassion, respect, and understanding, ensuring a stress-free process and guiding you towards the best possible outcome. Join hands with us to embark on a secure and prosperous real estate journey, as we are dedicated to helping families like yours for many years to come.

Assumption of Debts

Caliber Trust offers homeowners the option to assume their debts, providing relief from financial burdens and allowing them to retain ownership of their homes.

Lump-Sum Cash Payments

Homeowners in financial distress can receive one-time lump-sum cash payments for deed transfers, providing a quick and viable solution to their financial challenges.

Long-Term Leases with No Rental Cost

Caliber Trust provides families with long-term leases at no rental cost, giving them the opportunity to stay in their homes while stabilizing their financial situation.

Property Buy Back

Homeowners who desire to downsize to a smaller home can opt for the property buy-back program, exchanging their current property for one from Caliber Trust's rental portfolio, with no maintenance costs.

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